Google denies block of Facebook Home on Android Phones

Eric Schmidt Google chairman has denied the claim that Google is planning to block new app of Social Media Giant Facebook. He clarify that its only rumors that Google is planning to block
Facebook Home, the new app for Android phones. 

Schmidt said it would be 'against our religion' to try to block the social networking giant's new feature that effectively takes over the device to display Facebook updates and photos. 

According to the Guardian, he also denied reports that there is any tension with Samsung, the only Android handset manufacturer making substantial profits.  

Speaking at the AllThingsDigital Mobile conference in New York, Schmidt said that reports of tension between the search giant and its smartphone counterpart were incorrect, and that the relationship "has turned out to be the defining one" in Android.

He also revealed that the number of Android activations, phones that are connecting to Google's server as they are first used, has now hit 1.5m per day.

According to the paper, that compares to 1.4m per day last month, and 1.3m in autumn 2012.  

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