How Easily type arabic without arabic keyboard

If you want to type in Arabic without Arabic font keyboard its little hard but not impossible. A little bit of challenge is there in typing Arabic without Arabic keyboard. With little bit of effort and exercise you will easily be able to to type Arabic letters with English keyboard.With the help of below mentioned easy tips you will able to type in Arabic language with English keyboard.

Using Virtual Key Board provides virtual Arabic keyboard.
Visit that site and on your keyboard, press 'shift' and 'alt' togather to transfer the courser to Arabic.
Start typing on the virtual screen, matching the Arabic letter place in the virtual keyboard to the English letter in your keyboard .
Use copy and paste to transfer what you have typed to another application or document.

If you are trained in English typing and you know how to type without looking to the keyboard. Use the same role to type Arabic letters, using the virtual Arabic keyboard, compare English and Arabic letters places in the keyboard and memorize which finger you should use to type certain Arabic letter.

Keep Printout Of Keyboard
If you do not want to use the virtual keyboard, use any way to label the Arabic letters in your keyboard. Draw or print out picture of and Arabic keyboard and put in front of your computer. Also there are some software can help you to learn typing in Arabic, these kinds of programs will learn you to type Arabic even your eyes are closed.

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