How To Activate the Camera for Skype on an iPhone

Skype is a great app to make free or low coast communication. Video calls, Audio calls and texts are basic features of Skype. If you have iPhone you know that iPhone has two cameras. with one facing the front for video chatting and one facing the back that you can use to show people what you see when you speak to them via Skype. But you have options to activate and deactivate or switch between two cameras.

To do the process just follow the steps.

On your iPhone just Tap the press button and than tap on Skype app to launch it.

Now Tap “People” to see the list of Skype contacts.

Contacts who have a video camera icon next to their names use Skype on a device that has a camera, indicating that you and the other person are able to see one another during Skype calls.

Select the name by tapping the name of the person you want to contact and then tap the “Video Call” button to begin the call.
You have complete the half process now just tap the camera icon and select the option of your choice like:
Select “No Camera” to disable the camera. 
Select  “Front Camera” to activate the front camera. 
Select “Back Camera” to activate the back camera.

If you want to convert your audio call to video call tap the camera icon during a Skype-to-Skype audio call so it will start video call when speaking with a person who has a device with a video camera.

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