How to Allow Specific Popup in Firefox

How to Allow Specific Popup in Firefox 

Many Browsers are available to use but Firefox Mozilla has his own position in global internet users. Firefox is free and you can use it in your desired way. There are thousands of add on and plugin available with which you can modify Firefox Browser as per your need and desire. If you have opted to use Firefox and are having trouble using specific websites that require popup windows, you can alter the popup blocker settings in Firefox

Click the "Firefox" button and then click "Options."

Click the "Content" tab.

Locate the line that reads "Block pop-up windows" and click the "Exceptions" button next to it.

Enter the full URL of the site for which you want to allow popup windows. Click the "Allow" button to add that site to your exceptions list.

Continue adding URLs as necessary until all of your exceptions have been added, then close the Allowed Sites window and the Options window

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