How To Auto Start Android App While Booting Device

You will find many different variety of auto-start management applications on Android Market. This type of Android Apps automatically start up your applications when you boot up your Android mobile phone.

This auto-start management applications for Android phone also gives you an option to specify which applications you want to start automatically or disable other applications that you use rarely. You can go for an application like Autostart, Gemini App Manager and Autorun Manager to help you manage the applications on your Android mobile phone.

Lets see How To Auto Start Android App On Booting Device

Launch the Web browser on your Android mobile phone. Type the website address, “” in the search field. Tap the magnifying glass icon representing the search button. Tap on the “Gmail” hyperlink and enter your email user account information. Type your username in the “Username” field box and then type your password in the “Password” field box. Tap the “Sign in” button to access the features on Android Market.

Open Android Market Website in Your Android Mobile Phone Browser. Sign In into the Android Market with your username and password.

Now enter your keywords auto, autorun, auto start, autostart, in the Search text box on the homepage and press on the magnifying glass icon. After the search results page loads, scroll down the list of applications and select one that you want to use.

Click on the “Install” button. Some applications are free and others charge a small fee, so be sure to have your credit card information available. Click on the “Buy” button and follow the on-screen instructions for making the purchase. Follow the autostart management application's on-screen installation instructions. Tap on the “OK” button to confirm that you want to download and install the application. Go to the Application list on your phone. Look for the autostart management icon and tap on it to open the application.

Use the application's features to autostart all of the applications that you often use. If you installed the “Autorun Manager” application on your phone, tap on the “Advanced” tab button. The feature will list all of the applications that are registered for system wide events. Tap on the name of an application and enable it to run automatically when you boot up your phone. Tap on the “Basic” tab button and disable any auto-starting applications that you do not want to run when you boot up your phone.

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