How To Block Websites Free On Firefox In Office or Home

Mozilla Firefox is a great browser that can run according to your need. You can take out any wanted work with Firefox and its community developed add ons. We are talking about blocking website on Firefox. We are going to do this with the help Firefox Add On Block Site.

The purpose of Block Site extension is to block websites marked by Firefox user to block. Websites which are added in the black list of Block Site extensions are blocked.

If you want to block any websites in your office or at work place this is a great extension and also its free. You do not have to buy any firewall or other costly software to stop your workers to access websites that are harmful.

How To Block Website 100% Free On Firefox?

Open Firefox and click on Tools.

In Drop down menu click on Add-on.

Now In Search Box Type “block site” and press Enter.

A list of Add-on will be shown on the page select block site Add on and click on install tab.

When you press on install tab it will start downloading and in few seconds it will be installed on your browser. Now restart your browser and again click on tools, Add-on and on Add on Page click on option of blocklist extension.

You will see the page as below image.

Now you can add list of website which you want to block.

Click on Enable Authentication and enter the password so only you can edit the list of block websites.

If you have already a list of websites you want to block just import it.

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