How To Download Android Apps

How To Download Android Apps To Your Phones

If your device runs on Android than you must know how you can download Android Apps after purchasing it. You can purchase Android Apps for your device from Google Play Store. Devices with Google Android operating system can access the Android Market. On many smart phones you have to first download apps to your computer and than to your device. But with Android running device you have option to directly download apps from Google Play Store to your phone.

Follow the below steps to  download Android Apps to your phone:

Set up a Gmail account prior to downloading Android apps. You will purchase and download apps from the Android Market using your Google Gmail account. (If you already have Gmail account you can use it.)

Select the Android Market icon on your compatible mobile device.
Browse the Android apps store and determine which app you would like to download.

Select either "Install," if the app is free, or "Buy" to purchase the app through your Gmail account.
The app will automatically begin downloading. Once installed, you can find the app on the "Apps Menu" of your mobile device. By following above simple steps you can easily download Android app on your mobile.

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