How To Find Almost Any File In OS X

The Spotlight is nice and decent useful tool which can search your files, emails, contacts and other useful information. 

This search is performed from an index of file content and metadata in addition to file names. But main task of the Spotlight is an index of file content and metadata in addition to file names.

Spotlight's index of your hard drive includes information on practically every file on the drive, but since it is geared toward relevant search results, by default Spotlight does not include options to show system files; however, Apple does include a number of hidden filters that you can use to enable these results in your searches.

To search particular file do this:

Press Command-F in the Finder to bring up a Finder search.

Click the plus button to the right of the search window to add a new filter.

Then select "other" in the first drop-down menu to assign "System files" and "File visibility" for the new filters, followed by adjusting them to include system files and show hidden files.

Once completed, you can then search for a keyword, such as a file name.

From the search results, you can right-click a located document and then choose the options to open it.

Using these advanced search filters you can also quickly list specific file types in the system.

With these search filtering options you can discover many hidden features of the system by targeting file types, instead of manually exploring the file system structure through the Finder.

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