How To Fix: Unable to Charge iPad Via Computer

When you connect your iPad to your desktop via USB cable to charge its battery and you see that your iPad is not charging than you get little worry about both your device. You think that either your PC, iPad or USB cable is has some defect. Possibilities are there that your imagination is true but not most of times. 

Why this happens?

The main reason behind this error is the voltage of iPad's battery charger is 5V and the electric current is 10A.While desktop computer's USB port is has 5V voltage and 500MA 0.5A) electric current and this is not enough to charge iPad.

10A is the maximum output value of iPad's electric current. While using the iPad device, the electricity's value can't go far beyond this range. As per the instructions on the iPad's battery charger, iPad only need 0.45A electricity to be charged. Then also it is not enough to use the 0.45A-electricity USB port to charge the iPad. The main reason behind this is the charging equipment will consume parts of quantity of electricity themselves.

Now iPad owners would be in despair that how could Apple be so injudicious.

The USB ports which are included on the iMac and Macbook (Pro) launched after the year of 2007 provide enough power to charge the iPad. In addition, many PC manufactures especially the motherboard manufactures have already been aware this problem, and rushed out their motherboard patches in succession so that their USB ports can charge the iPad.

For instance, if your computer is equipped with the AUSU motherboard, you will go to the official website of ASUS to download a USB patch program named AiCharger.

This patch program actually does not aim at the only ASUS motherboard. It supports the majority of motherboards well. 

In fact, the AiCharger program modifies the default value of the USB port's electric current through adjusting some settings in the registry.

Currently, the AiCharger USB patch program is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

After installation, the system needs a reboot, then there will be an icon of the AUSU AiCharger which is similar to a charger on the taskbar.

Due to the AiCharger patch software achieve the goal through modifying the Windows Registry, there might be some potential risk existing to your computer, so you would better charge your iPad using its own charger.

In addition, the Aicharger has no shutoff function, so you will need to delete it to shut it off.

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