How to import contact csv list to iPad

Commonly used address book software and Apple iTunes both has to come together to perform this task. Importing contact csv list to iPad is little tricky task to perform. There is no simple or uncomplicated method to import csv list to iPad. As we all know Apple iPad is very practical for controlling business as well as personal contact.

Common Method
Use your laptop or desktop computer address book application to import csv file. Mac and Windows address book programme are supported. After you are sure that the csv file is correctly loaded on your computer you can use iTunes software synchronize the list with the iPad.

*Please import the CSV list of contacts into the intermediary app before you load the list onto the iPad.

 Friendly Software 
 Many programme or software can serve service as the intermediary program. They are compatible with csv import method. Windows user can use ant version of Microsoft Outlook. Windows Address Book or Windows Contacts will also work.The import procedure is also compatible with Contacts, which is part of Mac OS X. This program is called Address Book on OS X versions older than 10.8.

 iTunes Synchronization 
After a CSV file has been imported into one of the compatible programs, you use iTunes to complete the synchronization. Connect the iPad to the computer and select the device from the list of iOS devices. View the contact sync options in the Info tab in iTunes. The description for this option is slightly different between Mac and Windows versions of iTunes. In Windows, click "Sync Contacts With" while you should press "Sync Contacts" if you are using a Mac. Select one of the compatible programs for the source of the address book and then press "Apply." Wait for the iPad to sync or click "Sync" to synchronize the device manually.

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