How To Make Free Calls Anywhere In India

The website says why to send free sms while you can make free calls any where in India. And yes this is true you can make free calls from any where to any where in India.

Just what you haveto do is to register your mobile number to make free calls in India. To call via you don't need to have a microphone, headphones or speakers and Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or additional other softwares or hardware. We use call back method to connect you to destination mobile which costlier than other services and also reliable for countries like India in which people can't afford additional hardware. is a site that allows you to make calls for free directly from web site.

You won't be charged for anything. Calls are sponsored by our donors and advertisers. Note: if the person you call is roaming, he/she may be charged standard roaming fees.

You need to register. You have to register with to avail its services. You have to provide information like mobile number which will act as your username and other information asked in registration form. Registration is absolutely free on

Your account will be terminated with/without prior notice if you misuse the service. The call will automatically end in 60 sec* or when you or connected person disconnects call whichever first.

The sound of the call voice is very good.

What do is when you enter the number and make request they call you up first when you pick up phone they put you on hold. Now they call another number (The number you want to call ) when the third party pick up the phone they make conference between both the number.                      


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