How To Make Personalize Facebook URL

A unique username or URL on Facebook can help you a lot. It makes easier for your clients as well as your belongings to remember you or your brand. A unique username or URL gives 95% more chance of likes. It helps you to make unique your brand and also helps help you to remember it when linking it to your website or including it on business cards and other correspondence.


The service is free from Facebook, and you can learn how to make a personalized Facebook URL to use on both your personal profile and any fan pages you may be in control of.

For this you must have to log in to your Facebook account via your computer. Do not login from your mobile phone as this will not connect you to a browser where you can visit the URL required to set the username.

Now visit the url of your choice ex:

Choose the fan page or profile you want to create the Facebook page URL for. If you are naming a user profile, you will be eligible to create a custom URL right away. If your page has less than 25 fans, it will not be eligible for a custom Facebook page URL.

Type the name you want to use for the page, and click the "Check Availability" button. This will let you know whether or not the name has already been used by another Facebook member.

Check and double-check your name and spelling because you can only make your own Facebook URL once per profile or fan page. It cannot be changed unless you start over again with a brand-new profile or fan page.

Click the "Confirm" button when you are satisfied with the username.

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