How to Manually Install Android Apps

You can download Android Apps from Android Market and Amazon Appstore automatically to your Android Smartphone. But you can also do it manually. You can manually install Android Apps like games and others to your Android device. If you are installing Android App manually you do not need internet connection. It means that if you do not have internet connection on your Android device and if you want any app to install you can do it manually. For this you need File Manager so you can open file manually. In addition you need computer with internet connection to download the Android App you want to install on your Android device.

Install Android App Manually
Install Android App Manually

 Install File Manager:

To install Android App on Your Android Device manually you need File Manager. Install File Explorer on your device. So you can open files manually. There are many useful file explorer available like Android File Manager, ES File Explorer or Astro File Manager you can choose any one from Android Market and install it on your device.

Connect Phone To Computer:

Connect your Android phone to your Computer or Laptop with the help of USB cable. Now you will see your phone as USB disk drive on Computer or Laptop. You will able to see Your phone as well as your memory card as disk drive on your computer.

Download Android App:

Now its time to download your desired Android App you want to install on your Android device.  Download your desired Android application from Android Market or Amazon Appstore in its APK file format. Download this file to your phone's SD card by choosing the option to save it to your computer and navigating to your phone's drive. You can also download and save the file to your computer and send it to your phone via Bluetooth or email. Now disconnect your phone from your computer.

Manually Install Now:

Now open your application drawer on your Android phone. Launch the file manager application and use it to browse to the location of the APK files. Open the file with the file manager and the installation process begins.

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