How to Search Content in Firefox Without Cltr+F Nice Trick

No idea about you that you are aware about this Firefox feature. Its called a Quick Find. You can find text on webpage with this tool directly and no need to press Cltr+F. This feature of Firefox comes in action when we press Slash (/ ). By activating this quick search feature, users do not have to press Ctrl + F all the time when they want to search for text in the page. All you have to do is start typing, and Firefox will find the text for you. When you do find it, just click somewhere in the page and the search box will disappear automatically.

When you press slash (or the apostrophe key), you'll see a little Quick Find field in the lower-left corner of the screen—not unlike what you get from pressing Ctrl-F (but without any of the Find controls). Start typing and you'll see instant results. Wait a moment and Quick Find disappears on its own.

Obviously this won't work if you've placed your cursor in a text field (you'll just get the slash or apostrophe), and I'm not sure there's any major value in using this search method instead over Ctrl-F. That said, it's one less keystroke, so it does seem a little faster. Just one more way to wring a little more value out of Firefox.

The other you can do is:

Launch Firefox.

Click On Tools and than on Options.

Now Click on Advance Tab and check "Search For Text When I Start Typing".

Click Ok.

Now open any webpage and start typing anything you will reach at the text what you type.


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