How To Send Voice Message From Facebook

 Facebook is Magic. You can do almost anything with your beloved ones on Facebook.
Here we are showing how you can send voice message from Facebook.

If you haven't already, you'll need to download the free Facebook Messenger app for your handset or tablet.

The version for iOS devices can be found on iTunes, and the Android option is available over on Google play.

Once you're up and running with the app, click the compose button (a plus sign on Android, a notepad and pencil on iOS) to create a new message.

Alternatively, you can just jump into the thread of an existing conversation.

Next, press the plus sign that appears to the left of the text entry box. This will give you the option to attach an image, use the camera or record your greeting.

The voice record functionality works at the press of a virtual button. Simply hold the record button, speak, release when you're done and you can instantly listen back to your message.

The message will appear in your conversation thread as an audio bar, per the screengrab in the slide above. Your recepient simply has to click on it to hear your greeting.

Thats It Enjoy.

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