How to Set Up Bluetooth Devices On iPhone

Everyone knows about Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a popular wireless technology that gives limited range wireless facility to the user. Bluetooth allows user to sync between computers and mobiles. Bluetooth Also allows to connect external tools. Many devices comes with Bluetooth integrated. Apple iPhone is one among them. You can use Bluetooth external devices once it is set up.

On your iPhone’s home screen, tap “Settings” and select “General.” Tap “Bluetooth” and tap the slider to turn Bluetooth on.

Tun Bluetooth On on your iPhone.
To Turn On Bluetooth Tap on (Settings) on your iPhone home screen. Select (General) now Tap (Bluetooth) and Tap slider.

Connect your Bluetooth device to iPhone.
To connect your Bluetooth-enabled device to the iPhone, turn on your device and make sure it is in discoverable mode. Your device should be within 30 feet of your iPhone.

Pair iPhone and Bluetooth device.
Your iPhone should find and recognize your device. When it does, tap the name of your device on the iPhone screen and select “Pair.”

Enter the four-digit passcode for your device, which you will find in its user manual. Tap the “Connect” button on your iPhone to finish the pairing process.

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