How To Share Android App With Your Friends

Have you ever share Androids Apps which are installed on your Android compatible Smartphone with your friends ? Little interesting question right ? Wonder if you got great Apps on your Smartphone and you download it and use it and suddenly you remember that this app will vedry useful to your particular friend or colleague or your boss. You don't have to call your friend to explain the details of that Android App. Because you have option to share that Android App directly from your Smartphone. When you select share your friend will get description of that app and also a link by which he can download that app
Sharing Android Apps With Friends

But it is necessary and important that your friend also have Android Phone. So only he will be able to download and able to install the Android app from Android Market. App sharing occurs through social networking sites such as Facebook and by messaging, such as texting. The ability to share apps is a free feature for Android users.

How To Share Android App With Your Friends

On your Android Device press "Home" to view the home screen.

Now press "Menu" to view the expanded home screen.

Tap on "Share" and a list of apps installed on your Android will be displayed.

Tap the name of an app and select a sharing method.

Methods to share include sending a link by Gmail, posting to Facebook and sending a link to download the app via text message.

Enter your friend's contact information if you opted for email or text. Tap "Send" to send the app information to your friend.

Android App are easy to use than iPhone Apps

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