New Chrome For iOS Wireless Printing And Full Screen Browsing

New updated chrome for iOS now allows its users to print document wirelessly via AirPrint. New updated chrome also allows its user to browse the internet in full screen mode.

Google has made its browser more user friendly by updating its browser and allow users to do AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and full-screen browsing. With this new version of Chrome for iOS you can save any Web page as a PDF to your Google Drive account.

Just last week Google has rolled out updates for its browser like sharing and history features to Chrome for iOS.

Full Screen Browsing
When When you scroll up, the Omnibox disappear and it will give you more little area for what you are seeing. When you tap the top of the screen Omnibox comes back to its place. If you are playing game or watching video this feature is very effective.

Wireless Printing (AirPrint)
You can access the option via menu of browser. This will give you two option 1.Google Cloud Print 2. AirPrint.If you want to "print" your page to Google Drive, tap Google Cloud Print. You'll see a Getting Started page; tap the Printer back-arrow in the top-left corner, and then tap Save to Google Drive.

Like most updates, this one also promises stability and security improvements as well as bug fixes.

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