Pop-up compose window in Gmail is now default

After testing for months Google's Gmail new "Compose" has now made default for all users. Last October Google first introduced the new Gmail Compose. Gmail user were encouraged to try the new compose with a option to revert to old compose method. As per Google its a big change for for the best and a lot of people are not going to like it.

If the new compose window feels a bit cramped to you, we've got a tip that'll let you stretch it out a little while composing your e-mails. Instead of being stuck to the inside of your browser, you can launch a resizable pop-up Gmail compose window.

To launch the pop-up compose window, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard while you click on the compose button. This also works when you click on the reply button.

Use the keyboard shortcut, Shift + C, to launch the compose window even faster. You can also reply in a new window (Shift + R), reply all in a new window (Shift + A), and forward in a new window (Shift + F).

They can still opt out, for now, but the new Compose window will become the only option soon enough.

"If you're already using the the new compose experience, you've probably noticed it's gotten a lot of upgrades over the last few months, from a new way to send files with Google Drive to much-requested features like pop-out replies," Google announced.

"We’ve also added support for originally missing features like starring and labeling when composing and the Canned Responses lab," it added.

The end result is that the new compose window is here to stay. Google will be turning it on for over the next few days. 

The new compose window acts like a popup, similar to the chat windows, to make it easier to multitask, for example leaving an email message open while you compose a reply. There are plenty of advantages for this, but it is a big change.

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