Possibly Facebook’s Android HomeScreen Apple's Drawback

As we all know and all have a reason to littly care about the freedom and customization offered by Android to its developers. It is much more than iOS. But if Facebook’s legendary Android homescreen is a hit, the inflexibility of Apple’s closed mobile platform could be framed as a downside after years of its consistent design and ease being seen as chattels.

Cheap coast and handset/carrier choice are two of the major feature persuasive people to pick up Android phones today. There’s its leading mixing of Google’s app suite and the “rise up without an iPhone” attitude too. But Android’s flexibility for app developers has been more of a selling point for geeks and early adopters than for the average Joe.

For now, the straight forward “it just works” aspect of iOS that leans on its inflexibility has made it a popular introduction to Smartphones for hundreds of millions of people.

There just hasn’t been a killer brand name app to grab the mainstream’s attention that depends on Android’s cooperative architecture and that iOS won’t support. No one has forced the issue of open vs closed on the common man.

But six years after the iPhone’s debut, the average mobile consumer has been advanced. They crave more personalization through homescreen widgets and custom launchers. They want to make their phone truly theirs. The mobile world may finally have reached the turning point where the benefits of Android’s customization outweigh the benefits of iOS’ simplicity. And it’s Facebook homescreen for Android that could crystallize this moment.

The kicker is that Facebook’s homescreen cannot run on iOS as it exists today.

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