Remove Useless App To Boost Your PC Speed

If you had bought a new computer and you are disappointed with the processing speed of your computer you don't have to take much tension as this is not the fault of your machine. Useless for you and extra applications and software's are installed on your system by manufacturers will cause this. This apps are memory crasher and because of this apps your system process like snail. So lets remove this memory hungry apps.

World businesses works on advertisement. To promote their business and product computer retailers  and computer manufacturers make agreement with software companies and game developing companies. As per their agreement they install trial versions of software on new computer.
Say for example many computer comes with Angry Bird Trial Versions. If you are interested you will upgrade from trial version to pro or complete version.

For retailers as well as manufacturers these apps are an important source of profit in an industry where profits can be slim. These trial apps include anti-virus software, games, utilities like instant-message programs and media tools like CD burners. If this app start with your computer boot you computer will start slow and if they process during normal process less memory and processing power is available for other tasks.

If you come to know about the program or app which is not useful you can uninstall it by simple process. Start>>Control Panel>>Add Remove Programme. If that app is installed in tricky way or if your machine is part of a network, you may not be able to use Windows tools to delete a program that your network administrator requires you to have.

If the bundled software is tricky installed, use software like PC Decrapifier or Revo Uninstaller from the root of your computer. Tools like CCleaner, RegSeeker and IObit remove residual elements in the Windows Registry, which is the database for configuration files for all programs installed on your computer.

One more way to get rid of this situation is to install fresh copy of operating system on your computer. This will get rid from backup software -- which includes all the extra stuff you're trying to get rid of -- on a hidden partition on the hard drive, so you'll have to wipe that, too.

Before Installing A Fresh Copy
Make sure you have copy of drivers
Make sure you have registration key of  operating system.

You can also configure some of the program start up process. Some useless apps slow down a computer's boot-up speed because these apps, although unused, are scheduled to load when the computer turns on. Run "msconfig"  a system-configuration utility in Windows 7 that will let you select individually which applications load when the computer powers up.You can manually delete the files of uninstall program.

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