Steps To Close Android App On Your Smartphone

Do you know the reason of slow process speed of your Android phone ? The main reason behind the slow process of your Android Phone is the Android Apps that are running in the background of your Android Smartphone. The other negative point of the apps running in background is your battery short stand by time. Your battery stand by time cut to half because of continuously running of Apps in back ground. Close all that app which you are not using or use rarely to sort out the problem. By closing apps you will be able to save your battery life as well as phone memory.

Tap on Menu button of your Android device. and select settings.

When you click on the settings you will see Apps. Tap on it

As you Tap on Apps you will able to see Manage Application now again tap on it. and select Select "Running" at the top of your Manage Applications window.

Now you will able to see list of running applications.
Do you come to know how many applications are running in background of your Samrtphone. DO you come to know why your high technological mobile phone running slow.
Select the  App which is not of use or you are using in rare case. Tap "Force Stop" or “Stop” and hit your "Go Back" button to view the list again and select your next app.
Continue this steps with all the apps you want to Stop.

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