Unsupported Devices will not work with Facebook Home

If you don't have HTC One X, One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note II and if you are thinking of Facebook Home just forget about it. You will not able to install Facebook Home other than HTC One X, One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note II.

Facebook is not only the factor for the this reason but users that manage to find an APK (the Android app file format) for the Facebook Home launcher are unable to install the app using the common sideload method. When you try to install Facebook Home on devices other than mentioned above you will got message.

"Thanks For Installing Facebook Home. Your device is not supported yet. You will get notification when Facebook Home is ready for your device.

When i try to install it on my Nexus 4 i got the message i mentioned above.

The meaning of the message is simple to understand that Facebook has locked Facebook Home down to just four devices.

If we include the HTC First which comes with Facebook Home pre-installed and coming HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 the figure comes to seven.

The other important thing is Facebook Home is only available in the United States. It means if you want install the app on a Galaxy S III or Note II or HTC One X in another country, you'll be unable to download the app from Google Play. This is present situation but will change later when Facbook get full confidence on Facebook Home.

Now, for the really devoted users out there, it is possible to trick the app into installing on your unsupported device. To do that, you must root your phone and edit the build.prop file to make the phone identify as a supported model.

As what we get conclusion from this actions by Facebook is Facebook wants to ensure that the Facebook Home experience is positive for all of its users — and limiting support to a few devices helps cut down on support tickets and issues.

Facebook said it will increase the number of supported devices as time goes on. With any luck, the company will also increase the roll-out footprint to include more countries.

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