Yahoo Partnered With Dropbox To Send Big Files As Attachment

Yahoo Partnered With Dropbox To Send Big Files As Attachment 

Ever since Google launched Drive support with Gmail for the ease of users by providing them additional space and privileges for mails, users on Yahoo! Mail missed the cloud integration part.

Starting from today, Yahoo! Mail will now integrates with Dropbox to let the users access files from their Dropbox account from within the inbox.

Dropbox is a cloud based service which can be used to share, edit, save and do more with files. With this update, Yahoo! Mail account users can save email attachments, files, photos, and more and access these from Dropbox.

Also, with this integration users will now be able to send large file over 25MB in size unlike earlier. To do so, one will need to attach the file in to the email and send it through Dropbox.

It works on the similar model as that of Google Drive for Gmail and links Dropbox from inside the inbox for accessing as well as saving and drafting files. The facility will be available for users with web accounts in English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish.

Also, those without a Dropbox account can register for an account using Yahoo! Mail itself.

Attach files from Dropbox, even larger than 25MB
Save attachments directly to your account
Skip the sign in when using Dropbox in Yahoo! Mail on any computer

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