iPhone and iPod touch will soon get Adobe Kuler

Adobe has just released Kuler for creating customized themes which you can apply to your photos and design.Adobe Kuler is a free app for iPhone and iPod touch users. Adobe Kuler allows user to capture color from real life.

Make Fool Your Friends By Hiding All Drives Of Your Computer

It is possible to hide all drives of your computer with a little change in registry. You can make fool to your colleagues and friends by doing this simple trick. No need of any software or any special knowledge to perform this simple trick just follow below mention simple steps to perform this trick.

Simple, free and easy steps to remove FBI Virus ?

When you start your computer and see that your computer is locked with a screen that says “ATTENTION! Your computer has been locked” and that notification is from Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), then your system is infected with FBI Virus. This locked screen demands 200$ from you to unlock your computer. You do not have to worry, you have not done any thing illegal, It is not really FBI It is only a malware by which your computer is infected. This locked screen is due to a piece of malware known as Trojan Reveton. Follow below mention steps to remove this bullshit from your computer.

Always Aware of Top 5 Malware Threats

What you do and what you have in mind when you wake up in the morning? New Emails, Messages, Updates etc right? The first thing most of the people do is reach over for their smartphone and check for emails they might have received over night. There is also possibilities that yu access your bank accounts, personal accounts etc on your device. So it is very important that you also check your device that it is not infected with Malware, viruses, worms, trojen, logic bomb, rootkit, or spyware. Below we are introducing with Top 5 malware which are very dangerous for your device. They are developed in such a way that they supply your personal details to its developers.

Indian will soon get Nokia Lumia 925

Indian users have news from Nokia to cheers. Nokia Lumia 925 soon coming to India. Nokia has now made up his mind to bring its metal-clad device "Nokia Lumia 925" to India. We have seen an appearance on Nokia webstore. It is also listed in coming soon. There is no exact news about the arrival of the phone in India. Also there is no news about the cost of handset in India.

Find Serial Key of Any Software With Craagle

Hello readers in our recent post we have given you information about finding serial key with the help of Google Search. But in this post we will talk about a software which will help you to find serial, crack and patch of any software. There is nothing to explain when you download and install the I will explain you step by step to find out serial key, crack or cover of any software so let's start..

Find Serial Key of Any Software With Google

Google is backbone for internet users. Whatever you want to know, whenever you want to know, just type in Google search box and within second you have result on your computer or mobile screen. Google helps us in many ways. But we must know what we want to search and how we have to search. You do not have to be a professional to make search on Google. Just type whatever you like to search. I am trying to show you a technique by which you can find serial key of any software using Google serach.

4 easy steps to improve Windows 7 Speed

Everyone using computer face slow speed problem. This problem occurs for various reason. All reason are not problematic and can be sort out very easily. Here are 4 simple solution by which you can speed up your PC with Windows 7 installed.

How Massage Therapy Helps You In Diabetes ?

We know that there is no medicine which can cure diabetes. Only it can be taken in control with the help of medicines. Diabetes patient body needs to maintain healthy blood glucose level. If you are suffering from diabetes you have to change your living as well as food style and follow strict food and exercise as well as yoga plans. What you need in diabetes is control on yourself. Motivating yourself in exercise and balance diet control your diabetes and helps you to live normal life. Avoid drinking carbonated drinks, smoking, chewing tobacco and keep yourself away from alcohol. As we are talking about massage therapy in diabetes lets see what massage therapy can do to give you relief in diabetes.

How to Find Out the Physical Address of PC

Every computer has it own unique physical address. We can indicate MAC address or Machine address as house address of your personal computer. MAC address cannot be duplicated. Only one unique MAC address is allotted to one computer. It is same as EMI number of mobile. MAC address is completely different from IP address. So never get confused or mess IP address and Computer physical address. Because IP address can be used thousands of times on various computer but MAC address is one and only one. It is allotted to specific computer. You will never found a computer without physical address and also you will also never able to change it. But you can find your computer physical address with few simple steps mentioned below.

How to Compress Video as Sequence of Images

There are file conversion program available which can be compressed your videos into series of images. Some of the best free software's available for this process are PearlMountain Image Resizer and MPEG Streamclip. Adobe Media Encoder also perform this task but you have to pay for this software. Adobe Media Encoder is not free. This Encoder is available with Adobe Creative Suite as a component. PearlMountain Image Resizer and MPEG Streamclip, Adobe Media Encoder offer TIFF as an output format.

What is Safe Heating Temprature For Computer ?

Have you ever faced the problem of unexpected shutdown of your computer. Do not need to worry as this is a common problem with all electronic machines. Your computer too is an electronic gadget and it is quite normal that your computer get hot or too hot while it is on work for long time.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z Available On Online Stores For Pre-Orders In India

We have seen the success of Xperia Z and ZL Smartphones. We also know that Sony has just recently launched its Xperia L. Sony do not want to stop and very fractious in launching new devices in fashion hungry Indian market at regular interval. Sony has complete all gear up process to launch its most awaited and much-talked Sony Xperia Z HD in India.

My 7 Ideas To Lose Your Weight In A Week

You will found thousands of articles on internet about losing weight. Some gives instruction about exercise while some inform you what to eat and how much to eat. Here I am trying to give you a mixture of all this instruction which are easy to do and perform. I have taken 7 ideas after reading 127 articles from the web.I hope that this 7 ideas will be very helpful to you in losing your weight. If you are serious and want to live long and healthy life this ideas will be very useful to you.

How much time needed to crack your password ? Calculate now

How strong is your password ? Do you remember on how many websites you have open accounts ? Do you remember username and password of all that websites ? Password is your security and it protects you and your online accounts from others. Always choose your password wisely. Make a list of 7 or 8 password and use it on different websites account. Never use your name,123456, your wife name, your child name, your father, mother or sister name as it is used by your close friends to open your accounts. Always use combination of alphabets, numbers and special character. Here i come across one website which measure strength of your password. Lets check it out.

Some Important and Useful Tips And Tricks From Yahoo mail

Yahoo mail is widely used and popular email client. Yahoo mail has many things in itself which are unknown by many people. Today we try to unmasked some most important tips and tricks which are useful in daily use.

Learn Easy Trick To Block Any Website Without Any Software

If you are owner of a firm or boss in office and if you are tired from your workers that they are doing time pass instead of doing work on office computer now you do not have to worry and also no need to spend extra money to block social websites, porn websites and many other websites that must be blocked in office.

Easy Steps To Increase Modem Timeout

How you feel when you are chatting with your girlfriend, or you have found a girl on facebook who was asking you something or you are downloading a file of 200 MB and you just disconnected from internet. Very frustrating right ? When you found that there is no other problem in your PC or connection but it just a modem timeout. More frustration right ? But there is a simple solution by which you can increase your modem timeout. You can surf faster and get rid off from modem timeout problem by increasing modem time out setting in registry. Below I am going to show you step by step guide with pictures how you can increase modem timeout.

Free Storage Capacity Increase to 15 GB on Google Drive

Before this announcement was made by Google, free users get 5 GB storage data on their Google accounts like Gmail, Google+ and Google Drive. But after this announcement your Google's free storage capacity will increase to 15 GB. This announcement is made on Monday by search giant company. This means your 5 GB storage capacity will rise to 15 GB capacity. You can share this 15 GB across Google+, Google Drive, and Gmail.

Karbonn S2 Titanium Launched With Price Tag Of 10790

Karbonn S2 Titanium is a another quad-core mobile which will launch today by Karbonn Mobiles. S2 Titanium is successor of S1 Titanium. The cost of this handset is set 10790.00. This phone was available for preorders on Infibeam. Karbonn really working hard to be on number one place in local Indian market.

How To Save Whatsapp Pictures From Bluestacks To PC

Running Whatsapp on PC is possible by installing Bluestack on your computer. But saving files like photos, videos and documents which was sent to you by your friends and family will saved in Bluestacks folder. But with the help of ES File Explorer you can access it on your computer and also save it to your computer with some easy steps.Follow below steps to know how you can save Whatsapp pictures from Bluestacks on your PC. With

Easy Steps to Add Dropbox to Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft office is out of the box and really nice. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with the cloud Microsoft's Skydrive service. If you are using other than Skydrive service such as Google Drive or Dropbox you can not save directly your files in it. Here we provide you the guideline how you can save your documents directly to other service such as Dropbox directly from your Microsoft office dialogue box.

How to Prevent Laptop From Overheating

If you own a laptop you have definitely face laptop overheating problem. The main and common reason behind this problem is the fan. The fan which is given to cool the laptop is blocked and because of this it gets over heated. This cause your Hard-disk failure. Below are some very easy and important steps. If you will follow these steps you will keep your laptop cool.

Download YouTube Videos On Android Devices : 3 Easy Ways

YouTube is a place where you demand for the entertainment and you will be treated. Its your choice which type of entertainment you want. YouTube is library of video in every language. People from all over the world enjoys diffferent types of videos like news, music, movies, funny clips etc. This is not only available on your home computer or office Laptop but you can enjoy this service on the go with your Android devices. When we find any video which is of our interest we like to download it from YouTube to enjoy it without network and at free moments.

5 Triple SIM Phones Really Worth Money in India

We are Indians and we always look best for our money. We like that we get value of our every Paisa. And this is the main reason for hike of Triple Sim phone sell in Indian Market. Triple SIM phones gives users a facility to use Three sim in one handset without spending money for other handset. Triple SIM mobile phones allows user to operate three SIM from different service provider on same handset. Some phone allows you to use three GSM while some allows you to use combination of one CDMA and two GSM. This will give you more out of your money. i

5 Nokia Mobiles Under 4000 Rs With Features and Specification

If you are searching low coast Nokia mobiles under 4000.00  INR you are at right place. We will give you information about 15 Nokia phones that are under 4000. Rs. Nokia is famous for its quality products. If your budget is low or if you like to gift a phone with budget coast here is the list

Increase Size of C Drive Without Loosing Data

It depend on your computer work and the software you have installed that how much space you need on your C drive of your computer. Many manufacturer sells their computer with huge storage but they keep C drive with little storage capacity. Many people are facing this silly problem. You have many option to increase size of your C drive but most of them are risky. Here we will show you a safe way to increase the size of your C drive.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500

Samsung Galaxy S4 with model number I9500 has got firmware update Android 4.2.2 XXUAMDL Jelly Bean. This update is only available for few countries and not for all. User of the Samsung Galaxy S4 can avail this update from KIES servers. Users from supported countries can manually install the update by using Odin flashing tools. This update is rolled out by Samsung. The main reason behind this update is to improve the features of the device. This update also fixes some small bugs.

Micromax A115 Canvas 3D Detailed Feature and Specification

If you are eager to know everything about Micromax A115 Canvas 3D you are at right place. Lets have look on detailed Feature and Specification of Micromax A115 Canvas 3D.

Angry Birds Friends Released On Google Play

Wait is over for the lovers of Angry Birds Friends Game. Now Google Play has Angry Birds Friends game. Rovio has released its latest game which is very popular among smartphone user. This game has nothing new many other games are more interesting than Angry Birds. But because of Media and power of Money Angry Birds manage to be in Highlights for long time. Angry Birds for Friends was launched last year on Facebook.

How to Change Browser of iPhones, Android and Blackberry Mobile Phone

If you are using smartphone or the phone on which you surf the web is called mobile browser. Computer and mobile both used to surf the net. But As technology develop more and more people are using internet browsing on mobile phone. As per research 60 percent of mobile phones will have their special mobile browser. There are many browsers available as alternative of your default phone browser. If you want to change your mobile browser with an Alternative follow steps mentioned below.

Steps To Uninstall Android Apps from Your Device

Android Apps are fuel of Android Smartphone. With the help of Android Apps Android Smartphones perform various different things like accessing Social Media, Reading Books, Playing Games and much more. But Apps also use lots of Memory on your device and also chew your battery power. So If your installed App is of no use it is good advice to uninstall it from your device. Lets check simple process to Uninstall Apps.