4 easy steps to improve Windows 7 Speed

Everyone using computer face slow speed problem. This problem occurs for various reason. All reason are not problematic and can be sort out very easily. Here are 4 simple solution by which you can speed up your PC with Windows 7 installed.

1.Improve Windows 7 speed by cleaning some space.

When you use your computer it collects some files which you are not going to use. They are temporary files. We can clean that files with the help of Disk Cleanup Utility. This will free space on your computer hard-disk and allow your computer to run fast and smoothly.

Then specify the drive you want to clean and wait for the program to analyze the disk.

Click on Start Button.

Select All Programs.

Select Accessories and then System Tools.

Now click on Disk Cleanup.

Select the drive you want to clean (ex:C,D,E) and wait for the process to complete disk analyzing.

After disk analyze complete you will be prompt to select the files you want to delete. Select all or select the files you want to delete and Click OK.

You will again prompt to confirm the operation. Click Yes and your desired disk will get rid from unwanted files and you will gain extra free space on disk.

2.Improve Windows 7 speed by checking errors.

Bad sectors or damaged space are developed on hard drives. These bad sectors slow down data writing as well as data saving on hard disk. Which result in slow speed of computer. To scan and fix this error always use Error Checking utility.

Click on My Computer.

You will see all your drives like C, D, E, F

Select the drive you want to check and right click on it.

Select the properties and click on Tools.

Click Check Now and select select the Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors option and click Start.

Your error checking process starts. Close all open windows after process completes.

3.Improve Windows 7 speed by Disposing bugs or Viruses.

Viruses, Spyware, Malware, Adware and many other slimy software pretense a threat to your secrecy. This evil software obstruct in your computer task speed and performance. If you find online you will found millions of Malicious Software Removal Tools available on internet. Some are free and for some you have to pay. But before buying any read reviews about that tools.

4.Improve Windows 7 speed by Disk Defragment.

For performing Disk Defragment use Disk Defragmenter.

Click On Start.

Select All Programs.

Click Accessories.

Select System Tools Click on Disk Defragmenter.

In the dialog box click the drive you want to defragment.

Click on Analyze Disk.

After analyze finished you will see a dialog that appears recommending or not defragmentation based on the results obtained, Now to begin the task click Defragment Disk.

You will get detailed report of the results by clicking View Report.

Close the utility just click the Close button on the title bar.

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