Always Aware of Top 5 Malware Threats

What you do and what you have in mind when you wake up in the morning? New Emails, Messages, Updates etc right? The first thing most of the people do is reach over for their smartphone and check for emails they might have received over night. There is also possibilities that yu access your bank accounts, personal accounts etc on your device. So it is very important that you also check your device that it is not infected with Malware, viruses, worms, trojen, logic bomb, rootkit, or spyware. Below we are introducing with Top 5 malware which are very dangerous for your device. They are developed in such a way that they supply your personal details to its developers.

FBI Virus
When your system is affected with FBI virus your computer get blocked or locked and you will not able to open any programme and access internet. This virus presents itself as a official FBI alert which claim that your system is blocked because of Copyright and Related Right Law violation. This virus tricks you and make you believe that you have illegally visited any copyrighted video, music or software.

This virus lock down your system and demands 200 US $ to unlock your system. The main goal behind this virus is to take 200$ to unlock your PC. But never caught into the trick and never pay 200$ to these cyber criminal. Get good anti virus software and clean your PC.

Firefox Redirect Virus
If you are affected with Firefox Redirect Virus you will be redirects to unwanted sites when you perform search. If your main browser is Firefox and if you are Firefox addict you must  always beware of this virus. This nasty malware redirects your browser to unwanted and nasty sites. Your browser settings are also configured to search manipulate search engines result. This virus also load malicious websites to your system which are again infected. The main purpose of this malware is to crash your system by loading your system with infected website.
Suspicious. Emit files are found mainly in removable devices, such as USB flash drives. Suspicious. Emit is very clever malware. It hides its identity by pretending as useful tool. It show itself as a utility tool or important software for your system. But in real its a Trojan horse and it is a malicious application. Suspicious.Emit allows and authorize its attacker to gain unauthorize access to your computer. Suspicious.Emit is also known as severe backdoor Trojan horse. The main purpose of this malware is to give code injection which places an autorun.inf file in root directory of your system.

Sirefef is also known as ZeroAccess. The main purpose of this malware is to uses stealth to hide its presence and disables your system’s security features. The main reason of getting infected with this type of virus is downloading pirated software and other programs that promote software-piracy. Never go for keygen and cracks because they bypass software licensing and also byepass your system security.Sirefef works as informer to its developers. It sends sensitive information to remote hosts and attempts to stop Windows Defender and Windows Firewall in order to ensure its own traffic won’t be stopped.


This is again a very dangerous malware. It is actually a phishing page. Loyphish is a webpage which works to steal your login and password. It pretend itself as legal banking webpage. You will be encouraged to complete your online form in which they demand your username and password. You think you submit your data and information to bank but you are wrong. You are giving your details to remote attacker. You will never come to know that you are cheated by attacker. Because its look like original bank website page. Always remember bank or any other legal organizations never ask for username and password.

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