Download YouTube Videos On Android Devices : 3 Easy Ways

YouTube is a place where you demand for the entertainment and you will be treated. Its your choice which type of entertainment you want. YouTube is library of video in every language. People from all over the world enjoys diffferent types of videos like news, music, movies, funny clips etc. This is not only available on your home computer or office Laptop but you can enjoy this service on the go with your Android devices. When we find any video which is of our interest we like to download it from YouTube to enjoy it without network and at free moments.

If its computer or Laptop it is easy to download YouTube videos with the help of Firefox Add ons, Google Chorme Extensions. There are also some free software like YouTube Downloader to download videos in different format like MP4, 3GP, Only Audio etc. There are also some websites which provide online facility to download videos from YouTube. You Just have to provide link to them, they upload video on their server from YouTube, Convert it and give you a link to download that video.

But we are talking about downloading videos on Android Devices like Phones and Tablets. So Let's start on how we can Download on Android Devices.

1.Download YouTube Videos With Android Phone Browser. 

Open YouTube in your Android Mobile Browser. Perform a serach for the video you want to download. Tap on the YouTube link.

You Android Device will prompt for 2 options: Browser or YouTube. You have to choose browser because here we dont want to see the video we need only link of that video.

Now Tap on Menu + Go to URL

The YouTube URL should appear as Copy it with your mobile phone.

Now visit website

Paste YuoTube Video Link and Tap on Enter

Slide down and Tap Download (video.mp4 – High Quality).

A new window will open and download the video in MP4 format in your browser history.

2.Use App For Downloading YouTube Video On Android Phones.

When you visit Android Market and search for App to download video from YouTube you will not find App. The reason of this 0 search result is, Google had removed all of those apps off. But i have found one nice app from other downloader site. The name of this App is Tubemate YouTube DownloaderThis is the best free app.

TubeMate YouTube Downloader is the perfect app for you. It allows you to watch movies on your Android Phone and download YouTube videos in a variety of video formats and resolutions, or as MP3 files.

3.Download YouTube Videos On Android Phone By Editing URL

Visit YouTube on Your Android Device Browser.

Search and select the video you want to download.

Click on the link attributed to the video and make sure the video opens in the browser.

Tap on the menu button and select go to URL.

This is important step do it carefully. Edit the URL in front of video which you will find in the box and ready to edit.

You will need to edit the URL as shown below.

 You just have to add "pwn".

Tap enter key and you will find  page with a download link.

Click on the link and your download will start. Now you have option to change the name of YouTube video.

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