Easy Steps to Add Dropbox to Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft office is out of the box and really nice. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with the cloud Microsoft's Skydrive service. If you are using other than Skydrive service such as Google Drive or Dropbox you can not save directly your files in it. Here we provide you the guideline how you can save your documents directly to other service such as Dropbox directly from your Microsoft office dialogue box.

Microsoft is never going to add its competing cloud services into Office for your convenience. But with the help of little batch file you can do this. Follow the steps to add Dropbox to Microsoft Office 2013.

 Start with downloading  this small file. It is safe from virus and easy to use.

Download  it from here:Size 7 KB

After downloading completes just double click on the file.

It will prompt you for entering local path of Dropbox. Now hit Enter.

Script in the batch file will add Dropbox to Office 2013.

Now it's time to add Dropbox to your Microsoft Office 2013 installation.

 To perform this task open the Account options. You will see Connected services. Now under Connected Services You will see Add Services and Storage Options. Now add Dropbox.

Now every time you will see your Dropbox listed in Open and Save as Dialogue box when you use office application.

When ever your mind change or if you face any problem you can remove go to Connected Services and just click Remove button which is next to the service you want to remove.

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