Easy Steps To Increase Modem Timeout

How you feel when you are chatting with your girlfriend, or you have found a girl on facebook who was asking you something or you are downloading a file of 200 MB and you just disconnected from internet. Very frustrating right ? When you found that there is no other problem in your PC or connection but it just a modem timeout. More frustration right ? But there is a simple solution by which you can increase your modem timeout. You can surf faster and get rid off from modem timeout problem by increasing modem time out setting in registry. Below I am going to show you step by step guide with pictures how you can increase modem timeout.

Easy Steps To Increase Modem Timeout

Click on START BUTTON on your computer screen.

Select RUN option.

Type "regedit" in RUN box.

As you click on OK you will see Registry Window on your computer screen.

From that Registry Windows left panel select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and select SYSTEM by double clicking.

Below SYSTEM you will find CurrentControlSet. Select it by double clicking. 

 After double clicking on CurrentControlSet you have to choose Services and than select CLASS.
Choose Modem\ 00000\ Settings (00000 is the number of your modem)

Now select Inactivity Timeout. which you will see in Right Side Panel.

Now enter the number of minutes for a timeout. It should be entered between the brackets. For 100 Minutes enter 100 in bracket.

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