Find Serial Key of Any Software With Google

Google is backbone for internet users. Whatever you want to know, whenever you want to know, just type in Google search box and within second you have result on your computer or mobile screen. Google helps us in many ways. But we must know what we want to search and how we have to search. You do not have to be a professional to make search on Google. Just type whatever you like to search. I am trying to show you a technique by which you can find serial key of any software using Google serach.


Type the name of  of the software you want to find serial key.

After typing software name just add 94fbr.
Ex: If you want to find serial key of Avast Antivirus then type Avast Antivirus 94fbr.

You will amaze to see the search result. In next page Google will help you find serial key , patch or crack for your software.

Check The Full Procedure Below.

Thanks for reading and enjoy with Useful Information.

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