Free Storage Capacity Increase to 15 GB on Google Drive

Before this announcement was made by Google, free users get 5 GB storage data on their Google accounts like Gmail, Google+ and Google Drive. But after this announcement your Google's free storage capacity will increase to 15 GB. This announcement is made on Monday by search giant company. This means your 5 GB storage capacity will rise to 15 GB capacity. You can share this 15 GB across Google+, Google Drive, and Gmail.

We know that Google I/O developer conference is going to start this week. And Google had made the announcement just before this conference. Also this announcement will come into effect in coming weeks. A blog post by Google said that "Businesses using Google Apps will see their storage go up across Google Drive, Google+, and Gmail from 25GB to 30GB".

This is the highest free storage space given by any service provider in same field. Google user will benefit this storage in many ways. If we take a look on other service provider than Dropbox gives 2 GB, Microsoft SkyDrive users get 7GB, Apple i Cloud gives 5GB, Amazon Cloud Storage gives 5GB and SugarSync also offers 5GB to their subscriber for free. Google also mention that Google drive also support to save your files directly in Drive from web.

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