How to Find Out the Physical Address of PC

Every computer has it own unique physical address. We can indicate MAC address or Machine address as house address of your personal computer. MAC address cannot be duplicated. Only one unique MAC address is allotted to one computer. It is same as EMI number of mobile. MAC address is completely different from IP address. So never get confused or mess IP address and Computer physical address. Because IP address can be used thousands of times on various computer but MAC address is one and only one. It is allotted to specific computer. You will never found a computer without physical address and also you will also never able to change it. But you can find your computer physical address with few simple steps mentioned below.

How to Find Out the Physical Address of PC on Windows

On your computer screen click on "Start" button.

Click on the "Run" button. In that "Run Box" type CMD.

You will see DOS window or command prompt.

Type "IPCONFIG /ALL" into the command prompt and press enter.

This will bring up either one address or a list of different addresses depending on if you have a multiple network connected to your PC.

 Now search for Heading "Ethernet," adapter "Wireless Network Connection,".

This is the place where your MAC address is located.

You will see the physical address here. It looks something like this - 00-00-AA-BB-CC-88.

This is your MAC or physical address of your computer.

After you have noted down physical address of your computer type "exit" in command prompt or DOS window to close that window.

How to Find Out the Physical Address of PC on MAC OX S

Click the apple icon which is at the top left of your computer screen.

You will see drop-down menu after you click on apple icon.

Select "Systems Preferences" in the drop-down menu.

Select the "Network" icon located under the "Internet and Network" category.

Now click on "Automatic" in the "Location" drop-down menu if it is not already set.

Select "Built-In Ethernet" in the "Show" drop-down menu located below the location menu.

Now click the "Ethernet" button located under the show menu.

Locate the "Ethernet ID" below.

And that is your MAC address.

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