How to Prevent Laptop From Overheating

If you own a laptop you have definitely face laptop overheating problem. The main and common reason behind this problem is the fan. The fan which is given to cool the laptop is blocked and because of this it gets over heated. This cause your Hard-disk failure. Below are some very easy and important steps. If you will follow these steps you will keep your laptop cool.

Steps to follow to protect your laptop from overheating. 

Step 1.  It is better to put your laptop on something which is similar to small book. If you put your laptop on book or some item like docking station it will lift your laptop a little up which gives laptop fan space to blow out hotness from it. This will keep your laptop cool. When your laptop is on always take care that bottom fan of your laptop get enough space to blow air out.

Step 2. A laptop cooling mat can also help you a lot. There are many brands and varieties available in the market to choose. You can easily get from any computer store or from online shopping websites. They are cheap and helps you a lot.

Step 3. Environment always play important role in laptop processing. If you are sitting in cool A/C environment you have always noticed that your laptop processing fast and smooth compare to Non A/C atmosphere. Cool places helps and protect your computer from over heating.

Step 4. Make it your habit to clean your laptop at-least once a month. This practice will help you to remove dust particles which stick to laptop fan. These dust makes your fan process slow which is main cause of overheating.

Clean Your Laptop Fan To Prevent Over Heating

It is very important to clean your laptop fan. Cleaning laptop fan is the first and best step to perform when your laptop starts overheating. Fan gives cooling to CPU and your graphic cards. Dust in the air caught up by fan which build up layer as time goes. This layer block fan to run fast and slow down heat out of laptop. You can visit your laptop manufacturer service center to do this.

If you have idea and if you are sure to do this yourself use cotton , alcohol or petrol to clean your laptop fan.
Allow petrol or alcohol to completely evaporated before you connect your fan to laptop. Never revolve fan in wrong direction while cleaning. You can also use vacuum cleaner to clean your fan. 

Many Laptop manufacturers like Sony, Lenova, Toshiba, Apple and others provides battery recalls. Check out your manufacturers website if there is battery recalls. You just have to sign up for email newsletter, o you can get email if there is any battery recall. You can also check websites at regular interval for updates.  

You can also set your power setting to go into sleep mode or power-down if there is inactivity for few minutes. It is always better to use your laptop on table rather than bed or sofa. Always try to use yor laptop battery instead of AC power.

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