Increase Size of C Drive Without Loosing Data

It depend on your computer work and the software you have installed that how much space you need on your C drive of your computer. Many manufacturer sells their computer with huge storage but they keep C drive with little storage capacity. Many people are facing this silly problem. You have many option to increase size of your C drive but most of them are risky. Here we will show you a safe way to increase the size of your C drive.

Steps to Increase Your C drive size:

1.Right click on My Computer and click on Manage . As shown in below image.

2. A computer Management Window will open. In Console Tree select Disk Management.

3.Now Click on right-click on the partition and select ‘Extend Volume.

4. When you click on the Extend Volume you will see the ‘Extend Volume Wizard’. Now follow the wizard where you have to type in the amount of space. You have to Select the amount of space in MB.
and Click Next button.

Thats it you have increased your C drive size without loosing your data.

Please not that this procedure only works on Vista and Windows 7.

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