Make Fool Your Friends By Hiding All Drives Of Your Computer

It is possible to hide all drives of your computer with a little change in registry. You can make fool to your colleagues and friends by doing this simple trick. No need of any software or any special knowledge to perform this simple trick just follow below mention simple steps to perform this trick.

How to hide all drives of your computer?

Click on Start and Select Run.

Type regedit in search box.

Now search for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer.

After you find that Now in the right pane, create a new DWORD item and name it NoDrives (it is case sensitive).
Now modify it's value and set it to 3FFFFFF (Hexadecimal).

Restart your computer.

Now click on My Computer you will not be alse to see any Drive in My Computer.

To restore all drives back.
Simply delete the DWORD item that you created. Again restart your computer and all the drives will be back. 

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