My 7 Ideas To Lose Your Weight In A Week

You will found thousands of articles on internet about losing weight. Some gives instruction about exercise while some inform you what to eat and how much to eat. Here I am trying to give you a mixture of all this instruction which are easy to do and perform. I have taken 7 ideas after reading 127 articles from the web.I hope that this 7 ideas will be very helpful to you in losing your weight. If you are serious and want to live long and healthy life this ideas will be very useful to you.

This 7 ideas will be helpful to you if you are looking to lose your weight by just giving minimum time and less efforts. With the help of perfect diet and some easy exercise you will able to lose your weight and became slim and handsome or beautiful. You will also able to attain parties and functions in tight jeans and tight tops and attract others towards yourself. And what you have to do for all this is to just follow simple and easy 7 ideas which is not impossible to follow. So ready and prepare yourself for amazing 7 ideas to lose weight. 

Idea 1.

Small Pocketbook, Mobile or Tablet Helps You To Lose Your Weight:
A person who maintain food dairy consume 15 percent less food than the person who do not maintain food dairy. Doing this is not a hard job. You can do it easily while eating also. Note down every thing you eat. So next time when you order something to eat you will get noticed that before what time you have last eat and what you have eat.

Idea 2.

Eating Regularly Helps You To Lose Your Weight:
Eating at regular interval of 2-3 hours keeps your body blood sugar level steady. This habit also helps you to keep your hunger under control. It is always better to take food 6 to 7 times in small quantity rather than having three huge meals. Rather than having full breakfast in morning at 8:00 AM, If you do it in parts like little at 8:00 AM, little at 10:AM, and little at 12:00 PM helps you to consume 30 percent less calories in your Lunch at 2:PM. In this way your body will release less insulin and less insulin means steady sugar level in body and steady sugar level in body means hunger control.

Idea 3.

Blue Color Helps You To Lose Your Weight:
You think I am joking but no, It is true that Blue color helps you to lose your weight. Have you ever seen fast food restaurant decorated in Blue color. If yes than very few. Most of them use red, orange or yellow color. Because these colors are appetite repression colors. but blue color is appetite suppressant. So what idea i like to give to you is change your dining table plate color make it blue, change your dining room color make it blue, change your dining table color make it blue.

Idea 4.

Online Buddy Helps You To Lose Weight:
Not remembering the article where i read it but i remember what was written there. A research was perform by University of Vermont and in that research they found that online weight lose buddy helps you to to lose weight. They carried out their research for 18 months and reach to conclusion that volunteers who have Internet-based weight maintenance program sustained their weight loss better than those who met face-to-face in a support group.

Idea 5.

Leave Your Bikes And Cars For Short Distance
If you start walking on daily basis at-least for 45 minutes you do not need to change your food habit and also no more exercise needed. If your office is at walking distance make it practice to go office by walk. Do not use lift or short cuts in office.If you walk for 30 minutes daily, it is enough to prevent weight gain but if you also want to lose weight 45 minutes is best. Pedometer will also help you. Buy it and clip it to your belt. You can see how much KM you are walking and how much calories you have burnt. Keeping Padometer will encourage you to take extra 1,000 steps a day.

Idea 6.

Make Water Your Primary Drink
It is better to have juice in breakfast than any carbonated drink like cola. Apple, Water-melon, orange juice will give you more benefit than cola. After that juice in breakfast make water your primary drink. If you are soft drink addict you consumes approximately 100000 calories a year which is similar to 25 or 26 pounds. So it is better to have water as your primary drink than carbonated drinks.
Drink at-least 2-3 glass of water before lunch and wait for 15 minutes after lunch and than drink water.

Idea 7.

Making Low Calorie Food Your Enemy Helps You To Lose Weight
Make low calorie food as your enemy. When ever you see them in your fridge or in shopping mall or in lunch box of your office friend eat them. Never leave them. Foods like egg, onion, fish, honey, dark chocolate, fruits etc are very low in calorie and high in proteins. Make meat, chicken, your best friends. Do not touch them. They are high in fat and calories. Raw vegetables and green tea also are good for health and best for losing weight. If you are eager to have your best friend in your food than you can use them as biting. If you want to take chicken, butter or cheese i will show you nice idea how you can have this in you food. Use little cheese in one full dish of salad. Add lots of your favorite vegetables in chicken. Add only 2 to 3 piece of chicken in vegetables.

If you like my useful ideas on living healthy and losing weight what you can do for me is to adopt this ideas in your life. By adopting this ideas you can live healthy, peaceful and enjoyable life with your family.

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