Some Important and Useful Tips And Tricks From Yahoo mail

Yahoo mail is widely used and popular email client. Yahoo mail has many things in itself which are unknown by many people. Today we try to unmasked some most important tips and tricks which are useful in daily use.

How to add contact instantly in Yahoo mail.?

To add contact instantly in just one stepin Yahoo mail drag a message on the contact link. As you drag message on the contact list you will able to see that icon change to plus sign. The plus sign means you can add that contact to your address book.

How to navigate Yahoo mail inbox quickly?

Use the key Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow or Down Arrow and you will jump to messages in the same folder that have the same subject line also You can hit Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Up Arrow which will allow you to choose another factor to filter on (such as flag) when using Ctrl + Shift to navigate

How to make use of Yahoo mail on Easter Egg ?

When you compose a message for your friends on Easter Egg just hit the Subject Button. After hitting Subject button you will unmasked a collection of  great funny subject lines. Check few below
Cheaper to fly to Old Zealand than New Zealand
Cooking pork chops in the toaster
Dang...Probation denied again!
Did you pay the ransom?
Do me a favor, and don't do me anymore favors
Do you use them for good, or for awesome?
dog snoring: better than a good haircut
Eating pasta with chopsticks
Flossing with angel hair pasta
four fried chickens and a coke
Free James Brown (not valid with any other offer)
Golf-ball sized hail! Grab your 9-iron and let's go
Got change for a $6 bill?
have you ever played wounded soldier?
Hazards of storing plutonium in Tupperware

How to organize Yahoo mail Inbox via Message Finder ?

Now you can organize your Yahoo mail Inbox with the help of Message Finder. You just have to type in a search you can arrange in order by Contact, Location, or Subject, the search result. You can also select the messages and drag them to a new folder. Just perform search in Yahoo mail and try it your self.

Different keys to select multiple mails in Yahoo mail

1.Select multiple messages - Hold shift after selecting a message to select multiple messages.
2.Select specific  messages - Hold Ctrl to add specific messages to the list
3. Select all messages - Hit Crtl + A to select all messages in a folder or search results.

Leave behind read messages in Yahoo mail

You will find option link in upper right hand side corner on Yahoo mail page. Select Mail option.Find the item tlabeled mark messages as read and select immediately. By this way when you scroll through messages you no longer have to pause one each one to have it marked as read.

Hide or show viewing pane in Yahoo mail

If you hit the alphabet V on your keyboard you will have more space to organize your folder. Now Hit V again to reopen the message preview.

How to get quick compose in Yahoo mail?

Type the letter N to start a new message or R to reply to a selected message.

How to find text within your message in Yahoo mail ?

While reading message hit Crtl + F type the text you want to find text within a that message. Hitting the enter key lets your scroll through each instance of the word within the message.

There are many other tips available in Yahoo mail but i have covered which comes in daily use. If you have tips or tricks related Yahoo mail please mention in comments.

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