Steps To Uninstall Android Apps from Your Device

Android Apps are fuel of Android Smartphone. With the help of Android Apps Android Smartphones perform various different things like accessing Social Media, Reading Books, Playing Games and much more. But Apps also use lots of Memory on your device and also chew your battery power. So If your installed App is of no use it is good advice to uninstall it from your device. Lets check simple process to Uninstall Apps.

Lets Check Steps to uninstall The Android App 

Every Smartphone has different way to unlock screen.

Unlock your Screen.
Tap on Market.

Tap on Menu and select My App.

You will able to see all the App installed on your phone.

Select the App you want to Uninstall.

 Tap on that App and select Uninstall.

You will see a warning "Are you sure you want to Uninstall the App?"
Select Yes.

And you will be able to Uninstall the selected App.

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