What is Safe Heating Temprature For Computer ?

Have you ever faced the problem of unexpected shutdown of your computer. Do not need to worry as this is a common problem with all electronic machines. Your computer too is an electronic gadget and it is quite normal that your computer get hot or too hot while it is on work for long time.

Overheating shorten your electronics gadget life, also slow down its process and affects performance of your electronic device. All manufacturers take extra care to protect your computer from overheating. Manufacturers use safeguards. When your computer reaches at hazardous temperature, safeguard shutdown your computer. This shutdown saves damages to the parts of computer also unexpected shutdown of computer.

Please note that a safe heating temperature for your computer is 60-70 degrees Celsius (140-158 degrees Fahrenheit). But it also depends on the device company you use. You have option to purchase higher-temperature tolerant devices which is also known as hardened or military-grade but it is also high price. If you purchase that devices you will became safe from overheating problem.

Your computer case design will also have cooling systems. It will keep your computers at safe temperature and protect your computer parts from damaging. A liquid circulation system also keep your computer cool. Cooling system usually consist of a series of fans.

Never remove cover or side panels as it disrupt the main airflow and increase the temperature of computer. Which can cause critical damage to computer parts. Dust also play important role in increasing your computer temperature. Dust stop air flow which cause overheating. Always clean dust from your computer at regular interval. Your computer became healthy because of Ventilation and filtration systems. Always keep your eyes on computer if you are in dusty or humid area.

Your room or office temperature also play important role in increasing temperature of computer. It will also affects your computer internal computer components. If you are managing server rooms, cooling temperature is uncomfortable for you but very useful for your machines. Average server room, temperatures from 16-24 degrees Celsius (60-75 degrees Fahrenheit) are common but also depends on the number of servers.

In summer make sure that you have enough cooling for monitor and keep your computer at safe temperatures. If your computer overheats, you must have to cool it to prevent damage. If the fans are not working or if there is too much dust to get airflow there are chances that your computer will shutdown unexpectedly.

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