How to Reboot Any Computer From Remote Location ?

Computer has many features which are really unknown to the people till now. There are thousands of DOS command available on every computer which can be used to perform many functions which we can not even imagine about. We are here talking about one of such function. This function we call remote reboot. We can reboot another computer from different location with some simple commands. No need professional knowledge as it is very easy to perform this task. Below we are mentioning a step by step guide on How to Reboot Any Computer From Remote Location ? 

Sony Xperia ZU may be launched on June 25 - Image Leaked

Sony Xperia which is said to be launched on June 25. The device leaked image has put this device in more rumors presently. If we really trust on the presently running rumors than we can say that Togari and Sony Xperia ZU has the same look. Take a look at leaked image showing Sony Xperia ZU image below.

12 MP Camera Intex Aqua I-5 Launched At Rs 11690.00

Intex Aqua range smartphones has been sold out more than one Lakh piece. This is really an encouraging sale figure for any desi mobile manufacturing company. Intex has launched one new Smartphone Intex Aqua I-5 smartphone in its Aqua series. And the most shocking part which has really shocked the desi manufacturer is 12 MP camera. Intex Aqua I-5 sports 12 MP camera. Before this launch Intex has 12 budget hanset in its Aqua series and 20 more to come in next quarter including Intex Aqua I-5 in Indian Market.

Lenovo A390 Launched In India Specification and Features

Lenovo, A Chinese mobile phone maker has launched a series of Smartphones in India. All the devices in the series like A390, A706, S820, P780, and S920 are powered by the Android operating system. Also they all are dual-SIM supported. This series of budget Smartphone's price start from INR 8700.00

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Waterproof Device Officially Announced

Samsung which have become a brand in the world of mobile has officially announced Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active. Any Mobile which has name of this South Korean electronics manufacturer company is unique for users in India as well as in the whole world.The company has not however confirmed the price of the phone. Price does not matter for users if the brand is Samsung.

Save Your Damaged Videos With Repair Tools

New Inventions in technologies bring new things, great pleasure and some time saving soft gadget. Data recovery software as well as data prevention software are some great software. If we lost some of our files we can recover it with Data recovery tools and and make it workable again with data prevention. This is very important in video files. Video files which are memories of holidays and parties which we have spent with our families. Those videos are really precious and we even do not take care to make extra copy of it. If you recover that video file it is very important to repair it. Below we are listing some tools which are really helpful in saving your damaged video files.

3 Best Apps To Open Password Protected Microsoft Word File

If you are reading this article on, than i must like to say that,this has not happen to you only. Almost everyone using Office documents has some time face this problem. Forgetting password of file happen to anyone. But no need to despair as there are many tools available online to solve your problem. These tools successfully recover the forgotten or lost password.This tools are specially made and designed in the way that they can help you to recover the forgotten or lost passwords not only for word file but also for other types of office files as well. Below we are mentioning the list of 20 Best Tools To Open Password Protected Microsoft Word File.

Europe Zone will soon Get Dual SIM device from HTC

Following its official launch in China, the dual-SIM flavor of the HTC One flagship smartphone is expected to become available in various European countries as well, including Russia.

Send Files Upto One GB On Facebook With Pipe App

The beta version of Facebook app which allows user to send files up-to 1 GB to friends and family members on Facebook. You have option to send large files with this app.This App is ready to launch and will be with you on 5th of June 2013.

Make Yahoo Account More Secure With Two Step Verification

Today we will learn to make your yahoo account secure using two step verification method. In this post you will learn the steps how you can enable two steps verification method and secure your yahoo mail account. This security steps will allow you to secure your account from hackers as it is very difficult to break this security method.

Switch to the New Tabbed Gmail Inbox, or Disable It If You Don't Like It

If you have not noticed it till yet notice it now that your Gmail inbox has changed a lot. Because Gmail new tabbed inbox have make it place in most of people's inbox. Google is still slowly rolling out Gmail's new look.

Make Your Windows 8 Blazing Fast with Two Simple Tricks

We know that Microsoft has designed Windows 8 in such a way that it process very fast. Windows 8 is very fast than its predecessors like Windows 7, Vista and Xp. But the persons who are experiencing and using it are facing issues with this operating system and also it is actually slower. Here try to gives you two very important tricks with which Windows 8 will get great processing speed.

Google stops 25 GB storage plan continue with 15GB free

In my prevous post i informed about 15 GB Free Cloud Storage offered by Google.
Now Google has one new announcement in which search giant is planning to make some small tweak to its paid storage plans