Google stops 25 GB storage plan continue with 15GB free

In my prevous post i informed about 15 GB Free Cloud Storage offered by Google.
Now Google has one new announcement in which search giant is planning to make some small tweak to its paid storage plans

Google is making some small tweaks to its paid storage plans specially with increasing fee and closing small storage paid plan.

Now Google is offering 15 GB storage space for free, shared between Gmail, Drive and Google+.

The smallest 25 GB paid storage plan will soon retire. Now we will find the smallest option comes with 100 GB. But it's also twice as expensive at $4.99 a month compared to $2.49 for the older one.

All other storage plan remain same with Storage capacity and fees.With 15 GB offered for free. But what about the people who need 25GB plan.

However, if you were close or just over the 15 GB limit and you didn't need that much more, it was a good option. But if you need little more space you can still choose the smaller 25 GB plan, for now, at this link.

And if you've been using it so far, Google won't make you upgrade. Google isn't even forcing those with the old storage plans, which were significantly cheaper, to update.

Before Google Drive became a reality, Google was offering 20 GB for $5 a year.

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