Make Yahoo Account More Secure With Two Step Verification

Today we will learn to make your yahoo account secure using two step verification method. In this post you will learn the steps how you can enable two steps verification method and secure your yahoo mail account. This security steps will allow you to secure your account from hackers as it is very difficult to break this security method.

1.Log-in to your Yahoo Mail Account with your desired username and password.

2.Now visit this link- Infotakes Guide to Secure Yahoo Account With Two Step Verification.

3.As you entered or Sign in. You will able to see the screen as shown below. Scroll down and search for "Set up your second sign-in verification" and click on that.

4.When you click on Set up your second sign-in  verification you will reach on page as shown below. You just have to check the box in this page.

5.When you check this box you will see a pop up as shown below. This pop up will ask you to

Always keep in mind to make your account security level as high as possible.

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