Save Your Damaged Videos With Repair Tools

New Inventions in technologies bring new things, great pleasure and some time saving soft gadget. Data recovery software as well as data prevention software are some great software. If we lost some of our files we can recover it with Data recovery tools and and make it workable again with data prevention. This is very important in video files. Video files which are memories of holidays and parties which we have spent with our families. Those videos are really precious and we even do not take care to make extra copy of it. If you recover that video file it is very important to repair it. Below we are listing some tools which are really helpful in saving your damaged video files.
Please Note: Before using tools that listed below be sure to check whether the file is really corrupted. Because sometimes video players claim that the video is corrupted but in reality it's just encoded in a format they cannot play. So try different players. I suggest you to try VLC as it has ability to play all formats of video. If video players fail to play your video than go ahead with tools listed below.

All Video Fixer:

All Video Fixer is very simple but really a nice tool. It has simple interface with funny look. It is simple to use and with its few large buttons and huge workspace. The application is not very demanding like huge space, ram or latest OS version. It supports a wide variety of formats. Before you buy it use its trial version which allows you to get a general idea whether the tool is good enough for you.

Digital Video Repair

Digital Video Repair is free to use tool. This app has variety of features to start. This tool makes a copy of your corrupted file before attempting the repair or other process. Which gives you option to save your original files. But this app have some limitation. It works with AVI files in a different types of encodings. But it only and only supports detection of key frames for certain codecs.

Movavi VideoSuite

Movavi VideoSuite has collection of variety of features like video converter, Video editor, and few other features. This app features is of no use if you only want repair your damage files. It supports a variety of formats, and there's a trial version that is not limited.

File Repair

File Repair is free and it works not only with video files. But it also has ability to work with with documents, images, archives, and some other file types. It has a very simple interface. It is very simple and informative.

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