Send Files Upto One GB On Facebook With Pipe App

The beta version of Facebook app which allows user to send files up-to 1 GB to friends and family members on Facebook. You have option to send large files with this app.This App is ready to launch and will be with you on 5th of June 2013.

The file sharing app is using the Facebook social graph. The Pipe app latches onto the idea that people want to send large files to each other via Facebook.

There are some people from whom this app will be interesting and useful. And that people are mostly group of younger users. Since most people are happy to send files via email or even Dropbox or Google Drive.

One thing is sure that business files are not going to use Facebook. That leaves things like vacation photos or videos, which you can already upload and share on Facebook itself, as the most likely use cases for the app.

Alternatively, some may want to share media files, music maybe, though the legality of that is tricky.
But the fact that Pipe is fully peer to peer should ease some of the concerns, as neither Facebook nor Pipe know what's being sent.

This means that the two people have to be online for the files to get through. Smaller files, up to 100 MB, can be sent to an online locker and downloaded by the recipients when they come online.

Check Pipe Video from YouTube.

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