Your Smartphone Can Take Your Secret Pictures Unwantedly

I am sure that when you have read the title of this article it will sound like science-shock or fiction. I have just read this article on Forbes website and I decided to share it with all users.

Microsoft Windows And Its Security Software

Windows is also providing antivirus protection with all its new and old versions. If you are puzzled about and if you do not have information that what antivirus protection is endow with Windows than it's not your mistake and also no need to feel bad. Microsoft regularly changing its strategy and product name. And that not also few times, it happens numerous times over the years.

Review of Resident Evil: Revelations

Resident Evil 6 was quite dull. It had no balance between action and survival but Resident Evil: Revelations is far better than the previous version. It promises more horror and entertainment. The game has better graphics, an improved Raid mode and other additions. You can play this game on your PC, PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii U.

How to add 20 desktop screens to Windows?

Desktop app can provide users as many as 20 virtual environments. Each of these virtual environments can be customized. The highlight of this app is that the spaces are individualized. It allows visible applications and there is clear separation between them.

How Much To Pay For Seo

Like any business transaction or purchase you should only spend your money when you feel comfortable.When you spend money for any purchase or business transaction you will only go ahead if you really feel comfortable with the person with whom you are dealing.

Snapdeal And Infebeam Starts Canvas 4 Pre-Booking At 17,999.00 Rs

Micromax one of the leading manufacturer of mobile phones in India has launched its much awaited and most discussed Micromax Canvas 4 before three days on July 8 2013. The device is now available for pre-booking on E-commerce websites like infebeam and Snapdeal. Both of these E-Commerce portal are offering this device at a price tag of Rs 17,999 for pre-booking.