Microsoft Windows And Its Security Software

Windows is also providing antivirus protection with all its new and old versions. If you are puzzled about and if you do not have information that what antivirus protection is endow with Windows than it's not your mistake and also no need to feel bad. Microsoft regularly changing its strategy and product name. And that not also few times, it happens numerous times over the years.
We all know that when Microsoft launch Windows 7, they have bundled an antivirus called Windows Essentials. Windows 7 was bundled with an antivirus system with a package of applications called Windows Essentials. And those applications are to be installed separately from the operating system.

Now with Windows 8 Microsoft provides the antivirus with a name tag Windows Defender. This antivirus installed automatically with your Windows 8 installation. Window Defender is also is also antispyware program which was offered by Microsoft for older versions of Windows.
But please think it twice. The antivirus program offered by this tech giant is really best to protect your system and your important data. Antivirus which Microsoft offers is the right protection for you? But before your answer come think one more thing how seriously do you take internet security?

As what I have seen from the application provided by Microsoft Windows Defender is planned to offer a lowest type of protection for Windows users. Microsoft main intent to provide this app is either user do not use third party antivirus or ignore it because of it cost or because of that less or no understanding of present internet threats. I have personally seen that Windows automatically uninstall if you install a third party security suite.

There are thousands of new viruses and other malware are being launched into the world every day by bad guys who want to control your computer and rip you off. They can destroy your data, steal your files and capture your login credentials to networks and web sites. They will drain bank accounts and run up victim's credit cards.

Never risk to become a victim.

If we talk about the Microsoft Windows Defender it works in normal way. This app uses a standard blacklist system evaluate files to a list of much known viruses or malware and identify the threats. By this working method this app grabs most of the threats, but not all. Windows Defender requires recognizing, diagnosed and the list updated. As most of the antivirus do, Windows Defender does not have ability to include interruption detection or a sandbox. Which safely runs questionable programs?

If we talk about the importance of sandbox, without a sandbox you will always be defenceless to zero day exploits. Earlier we have seen that anonymous security errors in well-liked web software that are browbeaten by hackers for evil ends. Widely and regularly used programs like Java, Internet Explorer and Adobe Flash has many zero day exploits over the past few years and which require you to have the latest patch.

How best antivirus works?

The best antivirus app insert a theory named white listing to the fixed blacklist. This white list is a file of recognized legitimate programs and it is used for programs that are not found on the blacklist file. It is strange but true fact that over 40,000 new viruses and malware are make public each day so it is impossible for any blacklist to be 100% up to date. But the white list will work smoothly with limited number legitimate program and allows the scanner to run programs with no additional grilling.

If a suspected program is running on your system in sand box than there in no need to worry as where they cannot make any changes to your system or harm any other files. But if we take a look present time threats that exist on the internet Windows Defender provides very minimal protection
But there are some limitations of our budget and we do not want to pay high prices for software license. Many leading security app makers offer their products on a subscription basis. By this method you get full use of the program and services by just paying annual fee. You also have an option to get online support if you mass up with your system by paying such subscription.

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