Use Flowboard App For Presentation On iPad

If you are a person who love and like to create digital photo books and presentations, Flowboard app is there to help you out. With the help of Flowboard spontaneous app your dream comes true for digital photo books and presentations on your Ipad.
If you are in need of making presentation on your iPad or you have your photos which you want to share across the web in the form of digital photo book just give one try to Flowboard and you will not get disappoint with this app. Flowboard is a free app and it comes with and it comes with 19 different templates. We can say that we have 19 different options to create a project from scratch. The templates range varies from fresh and fashionable to a business-oriented presentation.

Facebook,Instagram, Dropbox, Box are supported for transferring and making digital photo book. If you do not find good photos you also have an option to search photos from Google Image Search and add to your presentation or digital photo book. This app also provides facility to embed photo galleries, videos, text, and hyperlinks within the slideshow and on the Web. 

You got an option to upload your presentation or photo book and it will be stored in your Flowboard account. You will get link to share your work with family, friends, and colleagues. Also you can share it online with Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail, or copy the link and share however you like on web. No matter you have uploaded you can still have option to edit the project and upload changes with just a few taps. You can remove your presentation if you feel or think it is of no use.

Once you download app and register your account you will get free account which allotted  you 200MB of online storage that resets each week. Premium accounts are allotted 1GB of storage per month, costing $4.99 per month.

Flowboards allows you to create presentations, scrapbooks, and anything else you might need in which to compile links, photos, movies, and text into a convenient, lovely to look at package. The app is not quite Powerpoint, nor a photo gallery, but exists somewhere in between.