Amazon to give away paid apps for free via 'Unlocked'

Amazon is reportedly experimenting with a new idea of offering paid apps for free under a feature called 'Unlocked.' The section will offer users a range of paid apps as well as those that utilise in-app purchases, for free.
TechCrunch learned about the feature through a leaked internal presentation and the apps on offer include the likes of Sega America and UsTwo, apart from non-gaming apps like OfficeSuite 8 + PDF Converter, and Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords.

The Unlocked feature will be promoted prominently in Amazon's own flagship app, and there are plans to use social networks and other platforms to promote it. The idea is also to boost downloads of the Amazon app which will be needed to avail the Unlocked feature.

A report in TechCrunch stated that after users download the Amazon app, and then the Unlocked version of a selected app, they will be presented with further Unlocked branding each time that an in-app purchase has been waived, along with more options to share the experience with others.

Users will be able to search for Unlocked apps in Amazon's Appstore and based on their search or download history, the users will be recommended similar apps.

The catch here is that once a developer of the app decides to leave the Unlocked program, the extras become paid again, which means that the program will serve more like an entry for developers to convert the free users to paying customers after a short stint.

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