Facebook Messenger vs Viber – Free Calls Quality

Today there is a wide choice of messaging applications you can deploy across multiple platforms including Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber and WhatsApp. A number of these also allow you to make free calls to users with similar apps on their PCs or portable devices. Confronted with such a wide variety of choice it can become hard to choose between any two of the above offers.
Today we will look at two leading contenders for messaging apps with the free calls service: Facebook Messenger and Viber. We will primarily be concerned by the ability to make free calls between the two platforms and the quality of service on either platform.

Facebook Messenger with VoIP 
 When Facebook decided to split its very popular app in twain to offer a figment dedicated entirely to chatting, not many were impressed. It seemed too preposterous for the company to expect you to download

Free Calls Service
You can make in-app voice calls on Facebook messenger to other users of the app. The main drawback (though this is a recurring feature on virtually every VoIP service) is that the call takes a long time to connect even after both parties have accepted it. However, once both parties are connected, the voice call is excellent and much better than what you can expect from your average cellular service provider. Unlike other messaging apps, including Viber, Facebook Messenger does not support video calls.

Viber Free Calls and Text App
Viber is rapidly becoming one of the new messaging services for mobile devices to capture the imagination of the world. The app is easy to install on your smartphone and even sends an automatic text message to your phone, even detecting the activation codeincluded automatically so you do not have to enter it yourself. 

What to Expect at a Glance 
Viber is a truly nifty app for your mobile device. It lets you do pretty much everything you would do with your basic cell phone including voice calls and texting for free. But Viber goes one better by adding a series of functional features to make your communication even better and more personal. 

Voice Call Service
The voice call service on Viber is pretty similar to what you get on other messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger. So long as your contact has a Viber account you can set up a call and communicate for free using your data connection. However, Viber goes one better over what Facebook Messenger offers. You can intuitively setup video calls, even to multiple contacts at the same time. The only disadvantage compared to Facebook’s app is that the calls are tied to your phone number. Moreover, there is no option to block calls. Viber doesn’t work with tablets that do not use a SIM or USIM card.

The Bottom Line
On the face of it Facebook Messenger and Viber are very different messaging apps. The lines got blurred somewhat though when Facebook Messenger began offering VoIP call service not too long ago. The free calls services on both platforms come with unique advantages and disadvantages. Viber offers video calls on top of basic voice but ties the service to your phone number. Facebook Messenger does not tie the service to a phone number but does not have video calls.

Two resource demanding apps to your device at the same time. Matters were not helped by the fact that the main Facebook app literally bullied you into installing the sister app with unabashed endless prompts.

It is perhaps not surprising then that the initial reaction to Facebook Messenger was dismal at best across the two preeminent mobile app stores: iTunes and Google Play. Since then, the social networking world has somewhat warmed up to the new app, and Facebook has offered timely updates including the ability to make voice calls free to your friends

What to Expect at a Glance
Facebook Messenger comes with a simple clean design that will require no figuring out to use. There are powerful tools for chatting and groups and of course free VoIP calls. It is a decent attempt to offer an all round app that responds well and does what it offers to do.

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